Jochen and Inge Trost

I started beading in 1998. Just for myself and for fun. I loved it so much, that my own jewelry box started to fill and my friends started asking if I would sell some. Well, let me think and talk to my husband. And with that Inge’s Bead Work was born in 2002. Since then I have been beading full time. And my husband is helping with all the other business items. He is also busy at the art & craft shows we are going to since I need a second person in the booth.

Artist Statement

All of my bead work is hand-beaded. No wire or other support. Just beads stitched together by hand with thread and a needle. Some of my larger pieces are done on a loom – like my lanyards.

I am using mostly Miyuki Delica beads because of the consistency in their size and the availability of different colors and finishes. I sometimes use a few complementary stones or beads on some jewelry pieces.  Mostly to accent the fringes in my earrings and pendants.

Most of my designs are based on Southwestern / Native American patterns. I love their use of colors. It gives each piece of jewelry an individual character and balance. That makes it special for me to make and (hopefully) special for my customers to enjoy.

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